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When it comes to real estate, sales are everything. With more than 100 real estate clients over 40 years, we understand how marketing supports sales better than anyone—from capturing leads online to creating collateral that helps close the deal.

Step 1 – Traffic,
Step 2 – Leads,

Step 3 – Sales

You want to sell more real estate. That means you need more leads. And not just any leads. You need qualified leads. To get qualified leads, you need more traffic online. To get more traffic, you need BGRM. And we’re so much more than lead generation; we have a completely integrated process that combines online data and creative strategy to build customized marketing solutions that work for our clients based on their unique needs.


The process is as simple as it is smart: Drive website traffic. Identify qualified leads. Nurture through the sales funnel. Set sales up for success. Analyze for improvement. Optimize and repeat. It works, and we can prove it.


Data doesn’t die in spreadsheets and PowerPoints. It informs our entire creative process, from defining a community’s unique selling point to developing relevant content that speaks directly to the target audience.


Working with more than 100 real estate clients, we’ve helped close 25,000+ deals across luxury private communities, master-planned developments, Fortune 500 home builders, local architects, and more.

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Real Estate Expertise Logos
Real Estate Expertise Logos

Show, Don’t Tell

Here are some highlights from the recent real estate work we have done.
  • family hiking through the woods

    Balsam Mountain preserve

    Forty minutes west of Asheville, Balsam Mountain Preserve is a 4,400-acre private community that reached a standstill in home and lot sales. BGRM was brought on to refocus the brand and reinvigorate new interest in this unique mountain community.

    Learn More
  • balsam mountain preserve materials on the table


    Some of our most creative ideas are big and scary and crazy. That is until they’re done. Then, they’re just amazing success stories.
    Learn More
  • woman playing cricket at Chattooga Club

    Branding & Messaging

    We built a smart, strategic brand platform that a legacy private club could truly own and operationalize.
    Learn More
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