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BGRM has partnered with local governments and private companies on public involvement and community outreach programs. While our tactical approach has evolved, our philosophy remains steadfast: A successful public outreach program is about doing what’s right for each project and the impacted stakeholders.


and Timely

BGRM develops public relations and community outreach programs that are strategic, creative, and disciplined. We believe strongly in transparent and timely communications, working collaboratively with all relevant constituencies. Our goal is to help clients create the best possible plan. “Best” because it is informed by broad-based community involvement and because the community will feel fully invested in its successful implementation.


The public doesn’t like to hear about news after it happens either. They like to be part of the dialogue. We work to stay ahead of the story, putting it out on our terms, giving our clients a much better chance for success.


We uncover all of the significant benefits of every project. And those become the lead to the story, serving as the connective tissue with influential individuals throughout the state and local region.


Numerous constituencies can be positively engaged in the dialogue. From elected officials and civic organizations to church groups and community leaders. The wider the net is cast, the more likely a project will succeed.

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Show, Don’t Tell

Here are some highlights from the recent public involvement work we have done.
  • woman looking out of the bus window and smiling on CARTA

    Ride Carta

    For years, Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) had struggled to gain traction in Lowcountry. Now as the region continues to grow, CARTA’s success is more imperative than ever.
    Learn More
  • Carta ticket

    Digital Development

    Charleston’s public bus system needed a new website that could better serve its users with real time updates. #WheresTheBus
    Learn More
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