Building Trust from Inside the Home

When it comes to selecting home services companies, consumers are looking for people they can trust…people they feel comfortable having in their homes or vehicles and around pets and family members. By establishing and building brand equity, BGRM helps home services companies grow and maintain a loyal customer base that won’t leave as soon as they see a lower price or better deal from a competitor.

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With more than 10 years serving home service clients, BGRM understands the challenges your business faces…and how to tackle those challenges with strategic branding and communications that will resonate with your target audience. We’ve helped our home services clients find and keep more customers without having to use gimmicks and discounts. It all comes back to strategy and branding, and that’s what we do best.


More than demographics, we conduct and dig into primary and secondary research to untap motivations behind decisions from the key decision-makers for home services: female heads of household.


Home services businesses are dependent on a skilled salesforce to make the sale at the kitchen table. It’s our role to generate quality leads to support them through highly cost-efficient and targeted digital lead generation.


We’ve worked with a range of home services clients, including the 8th largest pest control company in the country. During our 7+ years with their team, Terminix has achieved its best sales year in company history.

Strategy is knocking at your door.

Maybe you should open it.

Let's Do This

BGRM  is a true partner. Their team supports and challenges us, and we have a lot of fun along the way!

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Show, Don’t Tell

Here are some highlights from the recent home services work we have done.
  • Terminix employee holding air pump

    Trust Terminix

    Terminix’s largest franchise faced stiff competition from other pest control service companies that appear to do the same thing for less money. How could we get homeowners to choose expertise over a cheap offer?
    Learn More
  • Terminix trivia video play

    Content Delivery 

    In the world of termite treatment, an educated customer is a loyal customer, so we set out to share some knowledge.
    Learn More
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