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Here at Rawle Murdy, we are continuing to count down to World Social Media Day on June 30! This week, we are sharing our 30 favorite social media tools. Each of these apps or programs equips users with the tools they need to reach social media success.

1. HypeType: Take your Instagram stories to the next level with automatically styled and designed motion typography. It gives your stories a polished and professional look. 

2. Facebook Pages Manager App: A must app for all Facebook admins. Easily access your pages, get notifications, reply to messages, comments, and seamlessly edit and publish posts. Great tool for when you’re on the go and still need access to your Facebook pages.

3. Sprout Social: This tool is an investment, but well worth the cost in our opinion. In addition to scheduling, Sprout provides access to in-depth reporting, analytics, trends, content and much more. Especially great for anyone managing multiple social media accounts.

4. Grammarly: Everyone needs a proofer and Grammarly does it for free on most websites, email services and social media accounts. It also works on your smartphone!

5. Forekast: One of the biggest challenges of social media is producing relevant content. Forekast helps you do just that, providing a calendar of the top events, national days, topics and more.

6. CrowdRiff: Sourcing content is made simple with Crowdriff! The tool pulls filtered, real-time user generated content that is searchable and sortable making it a must for destination marketing.

7. Planoly: Wonder what a picture will look like in your feed? Wonder no more! While you can schedule content like other scheduling tools, Planoly’s grid feature is a stand out! “Slide-in” media allows content creators to see what an image looks like alongside others without actually posting.

8. Sprinkles: Thinking of the perfect caption can be challenging. Sprinkles scans the image and offers up a witty caption to consider and build off.

9. Repost: As mentioned before, user-generated content is critical to effective storytelling on social media. This app seamlessly takes images and video from an Instagram account for reposting without the watermark.

10. Splice: As video becomes more crucial to social media strategy, having an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application is key. Splice provides the ability to crop footage, apply filters and add animations—all within one app.

11. Plann: It’s hard to find new hashtags daily that are relevant to both your content audience. It can get exhausting! With this app, you can view trending hashtags and create groups based on the content.

12. Reports+: This iPhone app allows you to easily track who your audience and who’s using the follow/unfollow strategy. Cultivate a captivated and engaged audience with the help from this app.

13. Enlight: The only iPhone app necessary for photo editing needs. Adjust the lighting with perfect presets, or reshape objects in the photos with ease.

14. GoldenHour: Looking for the golden hour glow in your content? This app will tell you the exact time range for the day’s golden hour.

15. Canva: Want to customize your images across social platforms or add text to share in the right sizes? Canva your go-to tool. Canva allows you to add various styles of text, shapes and images to your photos, maximizing social engagement.

16. Rebrandly: Shortening URLs within social posts keeps content looking tidy and concise is essential for effective tracking. While there are many suitable options, Rebrandly is a great tool, allowing you to shorten links and keep your brand front and center with a custom domain name.

17. Google Analytics: The go-to service for all things digital marketing continues to step up its game when it comes to tracking social media. Filter social media traffic to understand user behavior and interests, identify top-performing content for social visitors, create social-specific goals and much more.

18. Zapier: Social media management is time consuming, so any tool that shaves a few minutes from your daily routine is appreciated. Choose from 1,000+ apps to connect one service to another service with “Zaps”, automating tasks such as automatically tweeting new blog posts in WordPress or connecting Facebook Lead Ads to a CRM system.

19. BuzzSumo: Searching for content topics with some teeth. BuzzSumo is a powerful research tool, identifying what content is garnering the most popularity via the web and social media which marketers can utilize for content creation, trend spotting, content curation and influencer identification.

20. Over: Great for making your Instagram stories really stand out. You can choose from tons of templates, graphics, and fonts to overlay, add and edit text and design photos.

21. Sprinklr: A scheduling, monitoring and reporting tool for companies with larger social budgets. One specific advantage over Sprout Social (mentioned earlier) is the ability to create both organic and paid campaigns within a single platform. Sprinklr rates are quote-based.

22. Cision: Although this tool is generally associated with traditional media, its capabilities have grown to include influencer stats and social insights. For instance, when reviewing a journalist’s profile, you can now see topics they tweet about and Twitter audience geography.

23. Twubs: This free tool is particularly useful for large Twitter chats. Allows users to tweet directly from the platform while slowing down or pausing a feed of tweets related to the discussion. Also helps companies research new, industry-related chats for engagement.

24. TweetDeck: The free-flowing, rapid nature of tweets can be overwhelming to track. Tweetdeck organizes topics and hashtags by column, allowing users to view (and engage) with dozens of tweets putting a stop to endless scrolling. And it’s free!

25. Prisma: An excellent, free resource that transforms regular photos into works of art. The unique set of filters captures the styles of famous artists, including Van Gogh and Picasso.

26. Tweetcaster: Full send on this easy-to-use Twitter app for Android and iPhone.

27. Adspresso: Manage and optimize Facebook ads by integrating Facebook and marketing automation platforms.

28. SocialDrift: Grow your Insta audience by sending automated—and targeted—likes, comments and follows, and raise your own brand profile in the process.

29. Lisa: Have several photos and not sure which one to use on the ‘Gram? Lisa, via an algorithm, will tell you which one will likely perform best—and suggest relevant hashtags, to boot!

30. Social Toaster: Build your brand’s reach AND reward your best followers. We’ll take two slices of that toast.

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