Data & Analytics: A Goal’s Best Friend

It’s the time of year when goals are top of mind—whether they’re part of our New Year’s resolutions or in the biggest football game of the year. At Rawle Murdy, we know that goal tracking is just as important as goal setting, but it can be easy to slip into a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. Thanks to the rise of data and analytics combined with a integrated, collaborative team, we’ve developed a method to revisit goals throughout the year so we can surpass them and our clients’ expectations.

With digital marketing comes seemingly limitless opportunities to track performance for our clients. Whether we’re looking for form fills or click-throughs, opens or opt-ins, all the data is right at our fingertips…so how do we put it to use?

Enter the Quarterly Client Creative Review, or as we like to call it, QCC. This quarterly round-table brings together folks from our brand leadership, digital, and creative teams to revisit overarching goals for each client and check in on how the work is performing.

We look at which creative is working best, analyzing both copy and visuals. We determine the strongest performing calls-to-action in banner ads, subject lines in emails, promotional messages, landing pages, and more.

As a group, we discuss what can and should be tweaked for the next quarter to strengthen the work. Should we replace the lowest performing SEM ads with fresh ones using our top keywords? Should we update the send date on an upcoming eblast to a day of the week with higher open rates? Should we refresh the images on a group of targeted display banners where we’re starting to see a little fatigue in performance?

By following this method, we’ve been able to achieve continuous, ongoing improvements for our clients throughout the year. For example, one client’s already impressive goal completions (including form fills, visitor guide downloads, or phone calls) increased by 48%  when comparing 2018 to 2017, and total website traffic increased by 15%. 

Setting goals is important. But tracking those goals long after football season has ended is what really pays off with a big W for our clients.

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