Top 10 Social Media Tips

1. Engage

It is “social” media after all. Be sure to interact regularly, replying to comments and messages, liking posts that you are tagged in, and tagging others when appropriate.

2. User-Generated Content

Incorporate user-generated-content into your social posting. Not only is it free content, it provides that third-party endorsement and credibility.

Check out the Jackson County Instagram, which features 100% User-Generated Content

3. Know why you’re posting

What do you want each post to accomplish? Are you showcasing, advocating or facilitating? Be deliberate when publishing every piece of content and understand how it advances your overall marketing strategy.

4. Go Live

Don’t be scared to go live! One-third of all social media users have watched live video, and that number is only going up. But remember, don’t give up within the first few minutes. Viewers can watch your video later on your feed.

5. Spend a little money

A little bit of money goes a long way on social media. Promoting posts on social media can help you expand your reach, drive traffic to your website and even get people in the door.

Discover the Empowering Brand Awareness for Brays Island Plantation

6. Try out influencer marketing, if it’s the right fit

According to Social Media Today, 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations. Find an influencer your target audience views as a peer and partner with them to reach a hyper-targeted audience.

See an example from King Charles Inn with Blushing Alpacas

7. Newsjack

Big event in the news? Consider how you can interject your brand into the conversation (tastefully).

A good example is the CARTA Wando Bridge Closure

8. Be genuine

After privacy breaches, social media users are as tired of fake content as they are hearing the term “fake news.” Share your brand’s story, but be genuine. It may take more effort to develop your voice, but they will return the favor in engagement.

9. Utilize the story feature on Instagram

The Instagram story feature has quickly become the star function of the platform. Since the content is only available for 24 hours, users are promoted to interact in a more timely fashion. Bonus tip- once you reach 10,000 followers- the swipe up capability becomes available to you.

Check out Terminix Termite Awareness Week

10. Track your efforts

In addition to having a social media strategy, you need a plan to measure success. Set goals (i.e., increased exposure, lead generation, etc.) and determine how you’ll track your effectiveness through social platform metrics and tagging your content links.

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