Music in Advertising

We all know the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” when it comes to breaking into any industry. Well, that isn’t necessarily true in today’s music scene. It seems to be more of knowing how to be innovative in getting your music out to the public.

The progression of music advertising has made it easier for artists to promote their work within the last couple of years. Social media and music-focused mobile applications such as Periscope have provided music lovers an easy access to tunes and even the insider’s view to musicians’ personal lives.

Most of these mobile applications are free and easy for musicians to promote upcoming shows or even show a live feed of their music and concerts. Adding that insider perspective makes fans feel like VIPs – and who doesn’t want that treatment?

Music-driven phone apps such as Bandsintown and Band of the Day (BoD) provide personalized tracking of bands and recommendations of similar musical genres. Mobile owners receive push notifications of the tour schedules of their favored musicians and even suggested similar bands that may become their new favorite. BoD sends daily updates of their band pick of the day, allowing users to stay ahead of the musical popularity curve.

Lastly, getting your music out to the public has become easier than ever. Platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora allow artists to submit music via distributors or aggregators, while still providing compensation for streams. In former years, it was all about finding a label to represent the musicians work; however, today all you need to know is how to navigate new social avenues and applications. Staying up-to-date on new technology and apps can give your music the edge it needs over the competition.

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