Make a Lasting Impression with Energized Communications

It’s easy to create high-energy communications when you’re working with high-energy brands. Think: beverages (like Red Bull or Gatorade), fitness apparel (like Under Armour or Nike), travel and tourism (like Carnival Cruise Line or Universal Studios), and of course, fast/powerful cars and trucks (like all of them).

It’s much more challenging, however, to deliver that same kind of energy when advertising products or services that might be considered…well, less exciting. Geico, for example, put insurance advertising on the creative map by infusing humor and personality into its television commercials, ultimately  making the brand more memorable in the process. Now several of its competitors (Progressive, Farmers, Allstate, etc.) have introduced similar campaigns in an effort to keep up.

At Rawle Murdy, we believe doing what’s unexpected can often set one brand apart from the pack. Recently, we produced a series of customer testimonial videos for Terminix. If you’re thinking, “There’s no way to make testimonials about pest control exciting,” think again!

Using clever storytelling based on real customer experiences, fast-paced animation, lots of fun sound effects, and effusive voice-overs, these videos share Terminix’s level of expertise and commitment to its customers in an interesting and energized way that’s also on brand. (And we did it without using the scare tactics typical of the pest control industry.)

The ongoing series continues to receive traction online and just won a 2018 Bronze Telly Award in the Business to Consumer category for an online commercial campaign.

Ready to add some energy to your marketing efforts? Let’s get started!

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