Inspiration Belongs to Those Who Hunt for It

Inspiration doesn’t happen by accident. You have to go out there and hunt for it. Whether we’re looking for brilliant new ways to deliver digital content or brainstorming attention-grabbing stunts for bold clients, we’re drawing inspo from everywhere. And this month, we wanted to share some of our favorite resources for inspiration with you.

AdExchanger offers fantastic perspectives from thought leaders in the industry as well as insight and opinions on media trends.”
—Laurie Devore, Media Team

“I love to go to Charleston’s Creative Mornings to get inspired by creators and activists in the local community. It offers a fresh perspective that I can easily apply to what I’m working on.”
—Katherine Scott, Brand Leadership Team

“I subscribe to (and read) any and all emails that really nail a unique and strong voice. The Hustle is one of my most recent faves.”
—Genna Shelnutt, Creative Team

“I use Adweek to stay up to date on current and emerging media opportunities and trends. On a more fun note, I also use Zap2It to keep up with all things broadcast, like new shows and ratings.”
—Katie Prechter, Media Team

Creativity Online keeps me updated on trends and breakthroughs in the world of advertising. I also go to Design Milk to see innovative design beyond marketing.”
—Kate Daughtry, Creative Team

Ragan provides a great deal of trends for the PR world, like fresh ideas for pitching journalists.”
—Jeff Webster, PR & Social Media Team

“After staring at screens and spreadsheets all day, Color Hunt and Designspiration give me and my team a much-needed beautiful (and inspired) break.”
—Meggie Hulsey, Digital Team

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