User Experience Designer

From brainstorming through implementation, the User Experience Designer defines and establishes user interaction features and functionality for client projects based on established strategy, content, and goals. The UX Designer influences the overall user experience of each digital product through creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, outlining the intended functionality, placement, and prioritization of components, pages, and screens. The UX Designer ensures the content, design and information architecture aspects of digital products seamlessly come together and are successfully executed in the development phase.


  • Develop the organization and execution of a consistent, logical and intuitive user experience based on client requirements and best practices for navigation, usability, accessibility and design.
  • Create and validate information architecture deliverables including site structure and web flow diagrams and content inventory maps.
  • Create wireframes and interactive, functional prototypes for websites and applications based on functional documentation, strategy, content, and goals.
  • Work with clients and team members to define business objectives, audiences/personas, requirements, features, content organization approaches, functionality and navigation and labeling schemes of websites and applications.
  • Understand and interpret the goals of the project to solve creatively.
  • Possess the ability to quickly grasp and distill a variety of subject matter into clean, understandable solutions.
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to easily bridge the gap between design and development (creative and code).
  • Collaborate with clients and have a driving passion for innovative solutions that can deliver practical, sustainable results.
  • Employ user-centric design techniques including evaluation of current practices and examination of website analytics reports in addition to competitive assessment and analysis.
  • Identify, propose and contribute to new business opportunities for clients and prospective clients.
  • Present and explain information to internal teams and to clients in a way that establishes rapport, persuades others, and promotes understanding.
  • Complete projects according to approved timelines and client specifications.
  • Responsible for proper, timely and professional resolution of all client and service related issues.
  • Contribute knowledge and share experiences with fellow team members.


  • Fluency in principles and best practices for interaction design and user experience design.
  • Fluency in principles of web design and development.
  • Familiarity with latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Ability to translate usability test and user data into actionable recommendations.
  • Attention to detail and consistency.
  • Strong time management, communicative, and interpersonal skills.
  • 3-plus years of experience in usability or related fields.
  • 2-plus years of experience in an agency environment.
  • Ability to demonstrate fluency with Interaction Design applications.
  • Ability to perform rapid prototyping (tool agnostic).
  • Ability to both give and take constructive criticism.
  • Ability to collaborate with a team or work autonomously.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

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