5 Startling Stats about Digital Marketing Today

A recent study conducted by University researchers in Australia suggests that young people are developing “horns” at the base their necks due to staring down at phones all day. Horns! The idea itself is simultaneously shocking and blasé. The more access we have to mobile technology…the more connected we are at all times…the more “wireless” our world becomes, the more we become wired to our devices.

Outside of ramifications to our bone structure, the evolution of human interaction with technology has completely shifted marketing and communications as well. Here are five startling stats we’ve seen in wired-to-wireless digital era.

Desktop is Dying

As predicted, mobile website traffic now outpaces traffic from desktop computers. We’re seeing this with our clients across the board with mobile session averaging about 60% of all website traffic so far this year.

Tap Into Your Goals

Beyond website sessions, we’re also seeing more goal completions come from mobile devices as sites have become mobile friendly. For one of our hospitality and tourism clients, Jackson County, NC, mobile traffic accounts for 54% of goal completions on the website in 2019.

Mobile Takeover Continues

Mobile website traffic doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon, as it continues to increase year after year. In fact, for our home services client, Terminix Service, Inc., mobile traffic increased by 123% when comparing the first six months of 2018 to the same time perio

Buying Power Is in the Fingertips

This one is for the ecommerce brands: Mobile devices are now used for over 40% of online transactions (Stat Source). And we only expect to see this trend continue. Curse you, Instagram ads that entice us with things we know we don’t need but really, really want.

Meet the New Shop Assistant

According to Mobile Marketer, “80% of shoppers use smartphones during physical shopping.” That means even when we’re literally in a brick and mortar store shopping, we’re pulling out our mobile devices to compare prices, look up deals, or read online reviews.

Is your brand keeping up with the digital takeover? We’d love to help get you ahead of the technology curve. Contact us today to get started.

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